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T-Shirt »Lola« von Pepe Jeans mit Burn-out-Effekten und Labelprint im Retrodesign. Figurbetont geschnitten mit Rundhals und kurzen Ärmeln. Weicher Single-Jersey. MaterialzusammensetzungObermaterial: 55% Baumwolle, 45% PolyesterMaterialartSingle JerseyPflegehinweiseMaschinenwäscheOptikbedrucktStilcasualHerstellerfarbbezeichnungOPTIC WHITE 802 Material • CO 55;PES 45 Pflegehinweise • Normalwaschgang 30 °C • Trocknen im Wäschetrockner möglich - Schonende Trocknung • Nicht heiß bügeln (110 °C), Vorsicht beim Bügeln mit Dampf • Nicht trockenreinigen • Nicht bleichen Weitere Hinweise • Ein super Basic, toll zur Jeans kombinieren • Modisches Kurzarmshirt ´´LOLA´´ von Pepe Jeans • T-Shirt mit großem Logoprint im Retro-Look • Weicher Single-Jersey mit Burn-Out-Effekt • Schmale Passform mit Rundhalsausschnitt

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Cat Power: A Good Woman , Hörbuch, Digital, 1, ...
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How Chan Marshall, aka Cat Power, Survived Herself - and Became the Indie Rock Queen. Chan Marshall´s stark lyrics, minimal arrangements, and wounded, smoky vocals, were an instant indie hit in the 90s - but her mental instability nearly derailed her career. How this sensitive but headstrong Georgian daughter of an unstable mother and a relatively unknown musician father - managed to make it big, burn out, and rise up again to become not only the darling of the indie music scene but also a fashion and Hollywood icon is the fabric of this irresistible story. Covering her musical beginnings in the south and her booze-soaked rise to fame in New York City to her eventual breakdown and subsequent reclamation of herself and her music, Cat Power delves into the soul of this fragile but ferociously gifted young talent. With seven albums behind her, the hottest designers clamoring to dress her, and perpetually sold-out venues, Marshall is at the height of her career - a perfect vantage point from which to look at her notorious and intriguing history. From interviews with her family, musicians such as Thurston Moore, Nick Cave, Dave Grohl, and Jack White, past loves like Bill Callahan and Vincent Gallo, and current friends such as Karl Lagerfeld and Wong Kar-Wai, Elizabeth Goodman gives us the real Chan Marshall - the little girl, the woman, the artist. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Piper Goodeve. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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